Capitalizing Sustainable Finance in Argentina

Author: Prajwal Baral

Inquiry Publications

  • Green Finance Opportunities in ASEAN

    Date: 15-Nov-2017

    This report lays out ways in which the ASEAN region can unlock this investment and protect its people, environment and economies. It provides an analysis of green investment opportunities in the region from 2016 to 2030, assesses the characteristics of those opportunities, and estimates current green finance flows. Based on a literature review and expert

  • Capitalizing Sustainable Finance in Argentina

    Date: 13-Dec-2018

    Argentina’s G20 presidency in 2018 provides a unique window for the country to scale up its current efforts and embrace the opportunities presented by sustainable finance. These opportunities include promoting financial system shifts, including via market innovations and voluntary standards, public-private partnerships, and supporting policy, regulatory and fiscal reforms. This report provides a comprehensive analysis

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