Towards a Performance Framework for a Sustainable Financial System

Working Paper

Authors: Wally Turbeville   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry    Demos   

Date: Nov 2016

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Towards a Performance Framework for a Sustainable Financial System

This paper is intended to serve as a window on the Inquiry’s analytical approach, providing a deeper understanding of the unifying criteria for evaluation of multiple market designs for financial systems in a variety of economic, political and social settings. It is also intended to provide a foundation for investors and corporate management and policymakers, including central bankers, finance ministry professionals, market regulators as well as legislators, regulatory and executive officials, to shape consideration of the sustainability of their financial systems. Finally, it is hoped that this paper will inspire and inform further inquiry into the relationships between market designs and sustainability and inclusiveness by academics and other researchers. In short, this paper is intended to provide structure to an entirely new convention for understanding the relationships between financial systems and sustainability and inclusiveness.

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