Sustainable Finance Progress Report

Inquiry Report

Authors: Iain Henderson    Marcos Mancini   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry   

Date: Mar 2019

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Sustainable Finance Progress Report

Sustainable finance has developed at a considerable pace when measured against various yardsticks. Sustainable finance has also become an established part of the G20 and other international fora. Sustainability-related considerations and more recently, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are increasingly factored into investment decision-making and product development in a growing number of financial institutions including pension funds, banks and insurance companies. Related products, such as green bonds and other sustainability linked investment products and tools are growing at a rapid rate.

The focus of this review is on developments in G20 members while recognizing that action has also been taken in many non-G20 countries. The scope also includes innovations by international organizations and examples of international cooperation.

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