Shifting the Lens

Inquiry Report

Authors: Simon Zadek   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry   

Date: Sep 2018

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Shifting the Lens

Shifting the Lens is one part of the broader Financing Climate Futures initiative focusing on the identification of critical uncertainties posing constraints to aligning financial flows with climate objectives and in particular infrastructure investment. Adopting a foresight and scenarios approach, this part of the overall initiative seeks to offer insights into ways to overcome barriers and secure the realignment needed.

It examines the critical uncertainties that influence the selection, design, procurement, deployment and related financing decisions for climate-compatible infrastructure. Seven areas of critical uncertainties have been identified, focused on the impacts of: (a) climate change itself; (b) shifts in the economic and geopolitical features of globalization; (c) the technological intensification and digitization of infrastructure; (d) new economic, business and financing models such as the shared and circular economy and rentalization; (e) new forms of citizen engagement; (f) changes to the financial system; and (g) economic downturns and external shocks.

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