Roadmap for a Sustainable Financial System

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Authors: Peer Stein    Samuel Munzele Maimbo    Simon Zadek   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry    World Bank Group   

Date: Apr 2017

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Roadmap for a Sustainable Financial System


UN Environment and the World Bank Group view the over-arching objective of a sound financial system as being to provide finance that meets the long-term needs of an inclusive, environmentally sustainable economy. While there is no single blueprint or unique pathway for creating such a “sustainable financial system”, it is possible to describe its many characteristics and progress towards it.

The Roadmap initiative intends to design an action plan that moves towards a sustainable financial system, including its elements, sequencing and principal actors, and a basis for measuring progress. The Roadmap will build on the extensive experience of both partners and many other active in the field.

The summary of the Roadmap is released for consultation; inputs and comments should be sent to .

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