The Environmental Risk Disclosure Regime
Navigating Complexity in Global Financial Markets

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Authors: Jason Thistlethwaite   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry    Centre for International Governance Innovation   

Date: Jul 2015

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The Environmental Risk Disclosure Regime

In recent years, a plurality of different governance initiatives has emerged that are designed to expand the disclosure of environmental risk within financial markets.

There is evidence for policy convergence among different initiatives but it lacks the enforcement necessary for coherence, and contributes to uncertainty within the financial sector over the impact of environmental risk. This uncertainty justifies an expanded role of international financial regulations in establishing a mandatory and harmonized disclosure standard that can be applied across different domestic jurisdictions.

[This paper was presented at the UNEP Inquiry/Centre for International Governance Innovation Academic Symposium on the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, held in Waterloo (Canada) in December 2014]

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