Synthesis Report (English/Chinese) Full Report (English)
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China Report

The Inquiry collaborated in an 18-month project, Greening China’s Financial System, carried out by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Finance Research Institute (FRI), Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council. The aim was to develop specific proposals for greening China’s financial system, based on an analysis of current practice in China and an exchange of experience with international experts.

A bilingual summary of the synthesis is available, alongside the full report and individual expert papers:

China expert papers

  • Green Finance Framework Paper
  • Demand for Green Finance
  • Industry and Policy Environment for the Development of Green Finance
  • Practices and Experience of Development of Green Finance in China
  • Problems and Difficulties in the Development of China’s Green Finance

International expert papers

  • A Systemic View of the Insurance Industry, Regulation and Sustainable Development
  • Greening China’s Financial Markets: The Risks and Opportunities of Stranded Assets
  • Alignment of Investment Strategies with Climate Scenarios: Perspectives for Financial Institutions
  • Internalizing Climate Mitigation for Financial Policy-Makers
  • Greening China’s Bond Market: Facilitating Green Investment and Improving Transparency and Stability in Financial Markets
  • Monetary Policy and Green Finance: Exploring the Links

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