Definitions and Concepts: Background Note

Working Paper

Authors: Maya Forstater    Naurin Nuohan Zhang   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry   

Date: Sep 2016

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Definitions and Concepts: Background Note

This short paper provides an initial mapping of existing practice in G20 and other countries and, where relevant internationally, highlights areas of convergence and difference, as well as distinctions between green, climate, and sustainable finance. It covers:
1. Definitions of ‘green finance’ that countries adopted
2. Thematic typologies of green investment in particular industries
3. Clarification of the scope of ‘green finance’ in comparison with other related concepts such as climate finance and sustainable finance

This input paper has been prepared by the authors as a contribution to the G20 Green Finance Study Group (GFSG) but has not been endorsed by it nor does it represent the official views or position of the GFSG or any of its members.

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