China Green Finance Task Force Report: Green Banking System

Country Paper

Authors: Green Finance Task Force   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry    Research Bureau of the People's Bank of China   

Date: Apr 2015

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China Green Finance Task Force Report: Green Banking System

This paper sets out the case for establishing a green banking system in China. It recommends the establishment of a system of green banks empowered to fully leverage their expertise, scale, and risk management to manage green loans and investments.

  • A China Ecological Development Bank should be established in which the government does not have to have a controlling interest
  • Regionally, local governments should actively explore and encourage the creation of green banks funded mostly by private capital
  • Commercial banks should adopt best-practices in green financing and establish eco-finance business divisions.
[NB: This paper is one chapter of the broader report “Establishing China’s Green Financial System” developed by the China Green Finance Task Force, which was convened by the Research Bureau of the People’s Bank of China together with the UNEP Inquiry]

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