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  • The Financial System We Need: Aligning the Financial System with Sustainable Development

    Date: 08-Oct-2015

      Download the full report: [AR] [CH] [EN] [ES] [FR] [PT] [RU] Download the policy summary: [AR] [CH] [EN] [ES] [FR] [PT] [RU] This first edition of “The Financial System We Need” argues that there is now a historic opportunity to shape a financial system that can more effectively finance the development of an inclusive, green economy. This opportunity is based on a growing trend

  • The Financial System We Need: From Momentum to Transformation

    Date: 29-Sep-2016

    Download the policy summary: [AR] [CH] [EN] [ES] [FR] [PT] [RU] Download the individual chapters: Chapter 1: Mapping the momentum | Chapter 2: Harnessing financial technology for sustainable development | Chapter 3: Measuring performance | Chapter 4: Steps towards transformation Our follow-up annual report reveals a doubling in policy actions over the past five years to align the global financial system with sustainable

  • Making Waves

    Date: 17-Apr-2018

    The Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System was initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme to advance options to align the financial system with sustainable development. ‘Making Waves: Aligning the Financial System with Sustainable Development’ is its final, global report. This report reviews the Inquiry’s core analysis, summarizes progress made in aligning

  • Financial Centres for Sustainability

    Date: 12-Jun-2017

    This report has been prepared as part of Italy’s G7 Environment programme to explore how financial centres can contribute to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. It takes stock of the sustainability agenda that is emerging for financial centres, reviews current practice across leading centres in G7 countries

  • Annual Overview 2017

    Date: 15-Jan-2018

    The Inquiry’s annual overview provides a summary of our work on aligning the financial system with sustainable development during 2017, divided in four themes: Country engagement International collaboration Cross-cutting themes: GreenInvest and Green Digital Finance Alliance Selected events

  • Mobilizing Sustainable Finance for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

    Date: 12-Jun-2017

    Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contribute significantly to growth, employment, innovation and social cohesion across the G7. They are also a major driver of innovation for sustainable development. In order to accelerate the sustainability transition, further attention should be given to the financial needs of SMEs. To address this opportunity, Italy’s Ministry of Environment included

  • Annual Overview 2019

    Date: 13-Dec-2019

    For the last five years, the Inquiry has been delving into the conditions to best lay the groundwork for a sustainable financial system. It has worked to advance policy options to improve the financial system’s effectiveness in mobilizing capital towards a green and inclusive economy. 2019 was the year it started to turn the theory

  • Fintech and Sustainable Development – Assessing the Implications

    Date: 14-Dec-2016

    The report, a companion to the second edition of “The Financial System We Need”, assesses how the financial system’s core functions are likely to be disrupted by financial technology (“fintech”) innovations and how they could help – or hinder – efforts to align financing with sustainable development. It considers ways to: Unlock greater financial inclusion by

  • Accelerating Financial Centre Action on Sustainable Development

    Date: 12-Dec-2017

    Mobilizing the world’s financial centres is essential to make progress on climate change and sustainable development. The momentum towards a sustainable financial system is clear and yet insufficient to deliver the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The world’s financial centres now have a historic opportunity to help close this gap by accelerating

  • Sustainable Insurance: The Emerging Agenda for Supervisors and Regulators

    Date: 09-Aug-2017

    Key sustainability factors are now recognized as potentially significant for the success, safety and soundness of the insurance sector – inspiring reactions by supervisors and regulators. In its role as risk manager, risk carrier and investor, the global insurance sector plays a cornerstone role in the management of sustainability-related risks and opportunities. The risk transfer

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