Progress Report

  • Mark Burrows, Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Global Investment Banking Credit Suisse

    "Aligning the world’s financial system with the needs of climate action and sustainable development is every bit as important as emission reduction pathways and removing fossil fuel subsidies. With the Paris Agreement soon entering into force, the report’s recommendations to accelerate this process come at the most important time."

  • Benoît Lallemand, Convenor of the Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance initiative and Head of Strategic Development at Finance Watch

    “We welcome UNEP’s plans for a green finance performance framework based on empirical data and are delighted that the proposed performance framework uses a similar approach to that taken in the civil society-led Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance. “In partnership with the Green Economy Coalition and others, we will continue to build the scope and content of the Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance in the coming months, and hope it will continue to serve as an ambitious, democratically legitimate compass for UNEP’s performance framework.”

  • Christophe Nijdam, Secretary General of Finance Watch

    "By measuring the real world outputs of the financial system, both the Citizens’ Dashboard and UNEP’s performance framework will help policymakers and the public to see if commitments to finance sustainable development goals are being kept. On a practical level, they could improve the ability of markets and policymakers to identify risks and identify emerging trends.”

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