Progress Report

  • Christian Thimann, Group Head of Strategy, Sustainability and Public Affairs, AXA

    “The report is so valuable because it is not only providing a vision for a more sustainable financial system but also outlines where progress has occurred and where progress is still needed. This distinction will be most useful in driving the agenda forward.”

  • Anne Simpson, Investment Director, Sustainability, CalPERS

    "Investing to finance a sustainable future is becoming a defining issue of our times. The Inquiry’s latest report shines a light on the current wave of innovation and reminds investors and financial policymakers alike that although the future presents risk, there is tremendous opportunity. There is a shared goal to accelerate the alignment our financial system with sustainable development."

  • Oliver Greenfield, Convenor of the Green Economy Coalition

    “We all missed a huge opportunity to reform the financial system following the crisis – not just elected officials, policy makers and supervisors: civil society as well. The momentum for greener - and fairer - economies has reached a tipping point and can inspire a transformation. “GEC has followed closely the UNEP finance inquiry from the beginning and we support their ongoing work on a performance framework. We will continue to work with them, and with Finance Watch and our other members, to build a shared narrative for how transformation can come about, a set of metrics backing our assessments and, most importantly, an ambitious ‘change finance’ agenda for the years to come.”

  • Christine Berry, Principal Director for Policy and Government at the New Economics Foundation

    “With financial stability concerns still high, future iterations of UNEP’s performance framework must reflect society’s broader concerns about the economy and financial stability as well as the environment. This should include progress on tackling business models that distort capital allocation or create systemic risk, such as too-big-to-fail universal banks, which are themselves barriers to sustainable development.”

  • Pierre Ducret, Chairman of I4CE and Special Adviser on climate change, Caisse des Dépôts Group

    “The UNEP Inquiry work is unique in its comprehensive approach of financial systems based on good practices for sustainable development. Its new 2016 report brings keys to accelerating the transformation of finance in the good way. Much interesting in a time when mobilizing domestic savings in developing countries for a low carbon development is crucial: how fintech can enable leapfrog steps in developing their capital markets.”

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