The Future of Green Finance International Event

Date: 23 Mar 2016

2016 holds out the promise of being the ‘year of green finance’, with multiple new measures that are driving forward progress at national and global scale.

The opening session will cover the City of London Corporation’s Green Finance Initiative, with insights into the emerging B20 and G20 green finance agendas, as well as an overview of broader international developments.

This first panel will set the scene for the day’s discussions covering key financial actors, their primary functions, and will provide an overview of the emerging challenges and opportunities associated with green finance.

The second session will focus on some of the key opportunities and challenges for banks and investors in scaling up green finance. As of now, only a very small fraction of global bank lending and assets of institutional investors have flowed into “green” initiatives. There is tremendous scope for further study and promotion of “green financing” practices to more countries, financial institutions and markets.

The third session will explore the steps required at the nexus of issuers, banks, markets and investors to green the bond markets and unlock the enormous potential that largely remains untapped.

The final session will examine the question “The Future of Finance – Will it All Be Green?” Green finance conversations are often set against the backdrop of today’s financial system, yet powerful forces look set to disrupt the financial system of tomorrow. What are the technologies and practices – such as blockchain technology or new frontiers in risk analysis- that will redefine financial markets? How are these relevant to broader social objectives, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, and how will we measure progress?