International Green Finance Forum

Date: 06 Sep 2016

Shanghai, 6 September 2016

Within the last 12 months, the Sustainable Development Goals and the agreement reached at the Paris Climate Summit have built a new set of policy foundations for the global economy. These in turn, plot out an annual green investment pipeline measured in the trillions of dollars and signal new directions for the financial system.

Building on this momentum, 2016 has been a landmark year for green finance. Green finance has been prioritized under China’s G20 Presidency, notably through the G20 Green Finance Study Group and through the Financial Stability Board’s Climate-Related Financial Risk Disclosure Task Force.

The International Forum on Green Finance will draw on international perspectives to take stock of recent developments and look to the future to explore areas of high potential in green finance. A high-level morning session will be followed by a series of technical sessions, focusing on both mobilizing green finance as well as mainstreaming emerging best practices into the operations of financial and capital markets.

The event is co-hosted byGreen Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking; United Nations Environment Programme; Paulson Institute; International Capital Markets Association; Gimbals Financial Markets Association; Bloomberg philanthropies; Industrial Bank of China and HSBC, with the support of the Shanghai Finance Association and the Energy Foundation.

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