Input from the Netherlands to the UNEP Inquiry

Inquiry Community: Utrecht Sustainable Finance Lab

Inquiry Publications

  • Input from the Netherlands to the UNEP Inquiry

    Date: 20-Oct-2015

    This note summarizes the input provided to the Inquiry at a meeting with representatives from the Dutch financial sector ranging from public policymakers and regulators to the largest banks, asset managers, insurance companies and sustainable frontrunners. The policy recommendations include best practices, financial market policy and regulatory innovations to help bring about the green economy

  • What Role for Financial Supervisors in Addressing Systemic Environmental Risks?

    Date: 15-Apr-2015

    Since the global financial crisis, financial supervisors have developed a new macroprudential policy framework: mechanisms to identify systemic financial imbalances and instruments to address these. At the same time, a literature is rapidly developing on financial shocks that may originate from ecological imbalances, triggered by either intensified environmental policies to protect ecological boundaries or due

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