Shifting Perceptions: ESG, Credit Risk and Ratings – part 1: the State of Play

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  • Fiduciary Duty in the 21st Century

    Date: 08-Sep-2015

    This report is based on an analysis of investment practice and fiduciary duty in eight countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Africa, the UK and the US. It is based on interviews, roundtables and webinars with asset owners, investment managers, lawyers and regulators and a comprehensive review of law and policy on fiduciary duty. The purpose of this

  • The Case for Investor Engagement in Public Policy

    Date: 06-Mar-2015

    This report aims: To show why public policy engagement is essential for long-term investors. To give examples of how investors have engaged in public policy and the lessons learned. To offer practical recommendations for long-term investors, policymakers and the PRI to better integrate environmental, social and governance factors in the public policymaking process.

  • Shifting Perceptions: ESG, Credit Risk and Ratings – part 1: the State of Play

    Date: 05-Jul-2017

    This report looks at why ESG factors matter in credit risk analysis, what investors and credit-rating agencies (CRAs) are currently doing on this front, and what their expectations are. The report highlights several disconnects between investors and CRAs, particularly regarding views on which time horizons to consider. It also raises questions related to the role

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