Progress Report

  • Mark Burrows, Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Global Investment Banking Credit Suisse

    "Aligning the world’s financial system with the needs of climate action and sustainable development is every bit as important as emission reduction pathways and removing fossil fuel subsidies. With the Paris Agreement soon entering into force, the report’s recommendations to accelerate this process come at the most important time."

  • Anne Simpson, Investment Director, Sustainability, CalPERS

    "Investing to finance a sustainable future is becoming a defining issue of our times. The Inquiry’s latest report shines a light on the current wave of innovation and reminds investors and financial policymakers alike that although the future presents risk, there is tremendous opportunity. There is a shared goal to accelerate the alignment our financial system with sustainable development."

  • Christian Thimann, Group Head of Strategy, Sustainability and Public Affairs, AXA

    “The report is so valuable because it is not only providing a vision for a more sustainable financial system but also outlines where progress has occurred and where progress is still needed. This distinction will be most useful in driving the agenda forward.”

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