Progress Report

  • Benoît Lallemand, Convenor of the Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance initiative and Head of Strategic Development at Finance Watch

    “We welcome UNEP’s plans for a green finance performance framework based on empirical data and are delighted that the proposed performance framework uses a similar approach to that taken in the civil society-led Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance. “In partnership with the Green Economy Coalition and others, we will continue to build the scope and content of the Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance in the coming months, and hope it will continue to serve as an ambitious, democratically legitimate compass for UNEP’s performance framework.”

  • Pierre Ducret, Chairman of I4CE and Special Adviser on climate change, Caisse des Dépôts Group

    “The UNEP Inquiry work is unique in its comprehensive approach of financial systems based on good practices for sustainable development. Its new 2016 report brings keys to accelerating the transformation of finance in the good way. Much interesting in a time when mobilizing domestic savings in developing countries for a low carbon development is crucial: how fintech can enable leapfrog steps in developing their capital markets.”

  • Rita Roy Choudhury, Senior Director, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

    “This report captures the key tenets of the transformation that has been unleashed through dialogue, policy direction and stakeholder action and is an indicator of how the financial system will be at the centre of the sustainable development agenda as the key catalyst in the coming decade.”

  • Teresa Ribera, former Secretary of State for Climate Change and director of Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations

    “Once again, the Inquiry team helps us to understand the crucial role that the financial sector can play in achieving sustainability. Its new report provides an excellent basis for a better learning among professionals and policy makers, as well as a good basis for an informed conversation on how to reshape the offers of the financial system to a society increasingly aware of what sustainability means and why it matters.”

  • Mark Makepeace, Chief Executive, FTSE Russell, Group Director of Information Services, LSEG

    “The global economy is already shifting its industrial output towards low carbon industrial sectors. The report is crucial at a time when economic transformation becomes an imperative for markets globally. FTSE Russell’s Green Revenue Low Carbon Economy model, also used in the development of the report, discerns the emergence of these green industries, enabling these economic trends to be measured and modelled across markets and stock portfolios.”

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