2nd Update Report: Insights from Practice




The UNEP Inquiry has worked with France Stratégie, with the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE - was CDC Climat) and with the 2 Degrees Finance Initiative on strategic research, and held a high level seminar in Paris with AXA Insurance on defining New Rules for New Horizons.

France has focused on deepening the integration of sustainability factors in the financial system as part of its strategy to deliver the ecological transition, particularly in the energy sector. It has advanced requirements on corporate sustainability reporting and institutional investors need to disclose in their annual report how they manage sustainability factors, including the risks of climate change and their contribution to the international goal of limiting climate change. The thinktank, France Stratégie, has explored how monetary policy could support low-carbon investment at a time of fiscal constraints, focusing on the inclusion of climate factors into the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme.

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